Pro eStats Users - Frequently Asked Questions

I'm watching a tournament broadcast or scoring two full teams at the same time, and the winning team didn't have the highest eStats score. Is something wrong with the scoring?

Just like in other sports, most of the time, the team that plays the best wins the game, but occasionally they don't. Pro eStats technology scores each individual player's technical skills and actions for that game, but does not incorporate the actual events of the game into the score. Therefore a lesser-skilled team could have a couple good (or lucky) plays that make the difference in the final result even though they didn't technically play as well as the other team for most of the game. Alternatively, a team of excellent individual players that perhaps didn't collaborate together as well as the other team might fall short of the win.

My rate for a certain action is higher for one game than another, but my score is lower. How is that possible?

This can happen for two possible reasons: 1. More is not always better. We have analyzed performance of top players to determine ideal rates for each action, and you could be doing that action too much, so when your rate is lower, your score is actually better. If this action is one of your top three areas needing improvement, our Game Coach will tell you whether you need more or less of that action. 2. While overall rates are an important scoring factor, scores are also based on doing the right things at the right times. This can cause slight differences between your action score and the rate.

I recorded data with my CronusMax and CinchTech controller at the same time, and the scores were different. Why?

While the scoring algorithms for both recording tools are the same, the electronic technolgy for the two devices are not compatible for recording simultaneously. For proper scoring, only use one recording device at a time for each controller.